Therapy Horses

It is not by accident that Upside has strong, intelligent, and beautiful hippotherapy horses. These horses have been selected for their temperament, athleticism, spirit, willingness to please, work ethic and soundness. Countless hours have been spent over many years searching for the very best horses to be therapy horses for Upside. Upside’s hippotherapy horses have all been purchased. Our horses come from many different states including; New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Ohio and Washington. Having horses that are well trained, sound and balanced, and able to produce symmetrical even gaits is crucial in order to provide optimal treatment for children with neuromuscular and sensory dysfunction. This is Upside’s philosophy and this is what makes us different from other programs.



Topper is a 13 year old Haflinger gelding



Vedis in an 11 year old Icelandic mare



Mjolnir is an 11 year old Icelandic gelding



Magni is a 14 year old Icelandic gelding



Grainne is an Irish Gypsy Cob mare

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